Lionhouse and its strategic partners are capable of insuring all types of Aircraft both commercial and private, Lionhouse marine insurance offers insurance for Boats, yachts & Superyachts on a global scale.

Our Aircraft Insurance partners are; • BGI Bertil Grimme AG


Trust Companies

Lionhouse can organise trust and (SPV) Special purpose vehicle companies on an International scale and works closely with some of the largest trust and fiduciary companies in the world.


Wealth Management

Wealth Management and private Banking is often an intricate part of the ownership of large luxury and commercial assets.  Lionhouse and its partners have many years experience in both of these complex and specialist sectors.

Our partners deal on an International basis and can organise private banking and wealth management products around your asset purchase or finance, to help manage the tax & keep the running costs to their absolute minimum.


Consulting Services

Lionhouse offers the highest quality consultancy services through our global strategic partners, these services are;

  • New Construction
  • Management
  • Recruitment
  • Luxury Charter
  • Buying & Selling
  • Security & ISPS
  • Safety Management & ISM
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Technical Consultancy